The Last of Us

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The Last of Us
Placeholder Boxart
Developer Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date June 14th 2013
Platform PlayStation 3
Modes Single-player, Online
Music Gustavo Santaolalla
Designers Bruce Straley (game director)
Neill Druckmann (creative director)
Genre Survival Horror
Ratings ESRB: RP
PEGI: 18

The Last of Us is a survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog coming to the PlayStation 3 on June 14th 2013. The game takes place 20 years after an apocalyptic epidemic in which a plague all but destroyed the human race. Nature takes over where civilizations once stood, forcing those that did survive to tap into primal instincts and hunt and fight for food, causing them to kill, make weapons and scavenge whatever they could find. Joel and Ellie are the protagonists of this game. Joel is a ruthless killer with a dying wish of a friend to fulfill, while Ellie is a young but brave teenage girl who has the maturity and mentality of a person beyond her years. The two must work together if they are to survive their journey across a wasteland once called America. Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer stated that the game is the story of their (Joel and Ellie's) journey across the United States as they try to survive against other infected humans or probably even their worse adversaries out there; the other infected. They could potentially encounter other survivors out there that could be a lot more friendly and helpful. The game is set to be more "realistic and cinematic" than previous Naughty Dog titles such as Jak and Daxter and Uncharted and will be hitting the shelves on Friday 14th June.


[edit] Plot

The Last of Us begins in the town of Boston, in a designated quarantine zone twenty years after the introduction of an unknown plague to the human race, where a young teenage girl of 14 - Ellie - lives. Joel, a friend of a person who knows Ellie, is 50 years old at the beginning of the game and is sent to find and protect Ellie for a reason currently unknown. However, things don't go as expected as the military discovers their attempt to escape and start pursuing them. Joel, had he been under these circumstances before, would have left Ellie and protected his own life, however his promise to his now dead friend meant he now had to protect Ellie with his life. After a near by safe house fails to put the military of their track, Joel and Ellie start their desperate escape across the United States.

[edit] Known Locations

[edit] Gameplay

Naughty Dog have stated the game will not be as linear as the Uncharted games but it won't be open world either. Instead they explain it as "the exploration will be more important and will have enough weight in the gameplay." After an announcement on February 4, 2012 Boston, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are all confirmed locations to be appearing in the game. Moreover, players will have the choice with how they go about surviving. Either full blown massacre, complete stealth or anything in between, if you can make it work.

[edit] Combat

The combat in The Last of Us is designed to be strategic and realistic, where finding supplies needed in a world where everything is limited is a struggle. Much like in the Uncharted series, you can hide behind discarded furniture or some debris to recover, but there will also be health packs which can be used to heal injuries that either Joel or Ellie have obtained. There will be a mixture of gun and melee fights, as well as the use of breakable items. Due to Naughty Dog's ambition to make this game as realistic as possible, a significant part of the game will require Ellie and Joel to go scavenging for items to make weapons and for food. Another way in which Naughty Dog can attest to this goal is the sophistication of the AI in the game, highlighting emotion and vulnerability by getting angry when a friend does, warning each other of impending dangers, or becoming frightened if things are seemingly lost against them. Referred to as the "Balance of Power" the AI is described as a dynamic and adaptable blueprint in the progression of the game and is a pioneer in making scenarios and changes in character personality all that more believable. Throughout the game Joel and Ellie will have to fight off other survivors of the plague as well as those that have become infected. They'll meet new allies and friends who will help them reach their end goal, even if some of them don't survive the journey. The game can be played stealthily and head on, depending on your style of gameplay. Stealth movements can help you get around enemies without being detected, distract them with various AI NPCs, and use a variety of tactics in order to overcome your enemy; all of which will be dependent on the type of foe your facing, the weapons they carry and how well equipped your partners are.

[edit] Online

The Last of Us is confirmed to feature online connectivity.
"We're going to have some sort of online component... we definitely know it's going to be awesome." – GameInformer.
Currently nothing else is known about this feature.
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