Joel, as seen in The Last of Us
Gender Male
Race Human
Voiced by Troy Baker

Joel is one of the leading characters in the playstation 3 exclusive title The Last of Us, developed by Naughty Dog. He is a survivor of the plague with a passion for violence.

[edit] History

Twenty years after the plague has all but wiped out the human race, Joel is notorious among the people of the Boston quarantine zone to smuggle drugs and weapons into the camp. Sometime before the start of the game he promised a dying friend to look after Ellie, a young teenage girl of 14 from a nearby boarding house. During their escape, the military discover their plans and start their pursuit, chasing them from one side of the United States to the other.

[edit] Personality

Joel can be described as a violent thug, brutal killer and a torturer. He has shown competency in combat abilities and knows guns better than people. He seems not to care about the other survivors, except for Ellie, and has shown to be hostile toward the others.

Joel has been alive since before the plague, as a man shown in his late fourties, and knows of a more peaceful time. Since the plague his necessity to follow morality has diminished and geared more toward a necessity to survive. the game director, Bruce Stanley, has said "What he wouldn't do in the past is almost a daily occurrence at this point,".

[edit] Weapons

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