The Infected

The Infected
One of The Infected
Race Human / Infected

The Infected is one of the main groups of enemies in The Last of Us for the Sony Playstation 3. They are regular humans that have been infected by the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus.

[edit] Appearance

Because The Infected have been hit badly with the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis virus, they no longer appear to be solely human. Instead of having their normal face, they are warped to a form that varies between the creatures. However, they still appear to be human, just with the destroyed face.

[edit] Traits

The Infected act as wolves when they swarm. They are often seen in packs, and they always go in snarling and have been seen travelling on all fours. However, they are able to stand, as seen when one attacks Joel. They now have a taste for blood, similar to that of a bat, and try to bite into humans.

Despite their warped appearance, they still share some of the weaknesses of a normal human. In a trailer, Ellie stabs one of the monsters, causing it to recoil and jump off of Joel, showing that they still can be harmed in that way.

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