The Survivors

The Survivors
Survivors advancing
Race Human

The Survivors are a characters that appear in Naughty Dog's Survival horror game, The Last of Us. They are characters that haven't been infected with the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis virus, unlike their counterparts, The Infected. While many of the survivors are hostile toward Joel and Ellie some opt to help them in their escape across America.

[edit] Behaviour

Due to the dire circumstances the survivors found themselves after the virus wiped out most of civilisation, they did whatever they needed to, to ensure they stayed alive for as long as possible. After the fall of the Military and the Government, this also led to many civilians taking the law into their own hands, often taking entire cities to be their own, forming large factions. Anyone who enters these territories is met with hostility - killing anyone with food and/or weaponry.

[edit] Factions

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